Things To Know Before Getting A Lip Filler

Gone are the days when people opted to accept how they looked from a natural perspective and if it was really needed ,a little addition to the usual amount of lip stick shaded was all that was needed to get that fuller lip look making them a bit bigger . With the advancement in technology, almost any longterm look can be achieved through a few adjustments . In the case of bigger lips ,the lip filler concept comes into play . This is a common practise adopted by any one with the need for fuller lip look . Below are some factors to consider before getting a lip filler


In the world of plastic surgery the rule of what you pay for is what you get . If you are willing to spend very little on body parts reconstructive then expect less results as well. This same concept applies to the lip fill surgery . Due to thr increasing demand of women having the fuller lip look ,many crooks are rising up offering way less than a professional derm would which sounds enticing to many . This may be fatal or leave you in proportionate . Invest well in a certified hospital for good results and keep in mind that the procedure is not cheap. Ensure to have a medical budget for this incase this service is not included in the insurance plan.  Here is a related post to read: https://www. huffingtonpost. com/2012/07/31/laura-summers-lip-injections-surgery-photos_n_1724257. html

How long does it last

The lip filler is basically designed to give the person getting it an illusion of fuller lips that are more natural looking and blend well with the facial features.  Keep in mind that the effect of the lip fillers is not permanent but temporary. The effect starts wearing off from the fourth month or later into the year after injection and may need to have another refill to maintain a consistent look . This depends on the quality as stated earlier. that what you pay for is what you get in the long run.


With the rising number of fake cosmetic experts out in the market today offering services like face uplifts through botox injections to the tear trough filler Birmingham injections, it is essential to do a careful study. before settling on the preferable surgeon for you. Ensure to go for a certified dermatologist of surgeon with prior experience to avoid getting unexpected results that may be irreversible.  The advantage with getting a lip filler injection from a certified dermatologist is that it is reversible in case of an overdo.