Lip Fillers 101

I am sure almost everyone has a part of their body that they feel insecure about. There are those that are insecure about their stomach, other their breasts, others their backside and for some their lips. I think for every part of the eternal part of the body, there is someone who is not secure about theirs. Luckily, we leave at a time where there are procedures that can be done to make those parts look more like you would like them to look. Recently we have seen a lot of people become obsessed with lip augmentation procedures and this has been intensified with the celebrities doing the same. If at all you are one such person and would like to try lip augmentation but are a bit reluctant, worry not because this article is going to shed a lot of light on the issue of lip fillers for lip augmentation. View tear trough before after here.

First, you need to know that with lip augmentation, there are both temporary and permanent procedures. Therefore if you are not sure if fuller lips are a look you want to spot for the rest of your life, then you could always go for temporary lip fillers. There are injectable Lip Fillers birmingham that either give your lips more structure or make them fuller. One treatment of temporary lip filler lasts from three to nine months then you have to go for another treatment if you like the look.

There is usually a bit of swelling and bruising that lasts up to a week but no more than that. When you have lip filler treatments, you will have to avoid things like exercise and certain foods for the first three days.

The compound that is in lip fillers is known as hyaluronic acid and takes a couple of months to be broken down hence the lasting effects. If at all you do not like the look and cannot wait for a couple of months for the plumping to reduce, you can always go to the doctor, and they will inject a compound containing enzyme hyaluronidase that breaks down the hyaluronic acid faster.

The lip fillers that are available have been advanced to the point of reducing allergic reaction chances to almost zero so even when you use the fillers you need not worry about it resulting in allergic reactions.

The success of lip augmentation by lip fillers largely depends on the doctor that does it. Therefore look for a good doctor that is qualified, experienced and has a good reputation. This increases the chances of being impressed by the lip augmentation.  See this video for example: